To act as a community based organization to bring together planning and implementation efforts of educators, business and government in a cooperative effort to focus the resources of each to ensure the economic prosperity of all Manitobans through science and technology.


  • Foster science culture among youth and adults in Manitoba;
  • Coordinate science and technology related activities between and among interested groups;
  • Encourage public participation and awareness in all science and technology events (conferences, symposiums, meetings);
  • Raise the profile of science and technology initiatives;
  • Improve the public perception of the value of science and technology;
  • Increase participation by women in science and technology;
  • Create a climate to attract and retain people working in the science and technology fields;
  • Increase funding for science and technology initiatives;
  • Encourage participation, support and contribution "in kind" for science and technology initiatives;
  • Recruit, encourage and strengthen the active volunteer community network for science and technology initiatives;
  • Coordinate public announcements;
  • Create strong alliances among stakeholders; and
  • Create linkages for the commercial diffusion of science and technology.

Your Science Council is planning a series of future events that raise the public's awareness and appreciation of science and technology through the cooperative use of Council members' skills and resources.

If you have any ideas for such events, we would very much like to hear from you. Please email Herb Reynolds

If you would like to participate in any of the events already in planning, please let us know what your special interests and skills are and a member of the Science Council will contact you and discuss ways in which you or your organization can assist. Please email Herb Reynolds